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Meet Nidal Kerdiya, Founder and CEO

Welcome to K17 Capital, LLC, where innovative investment strategies meet a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise. Our founder, Nidal Kerdiya, brings a diverse and extensive background to the helm of this privately held investment company.


Electrical Engineering: Nidal’s journey began in the field of Electrical Engineering, where he honed his skills in understanding and harnessing the power of electrical systems.

Mechanical Engineering: Expanding his horizons, he ventured into Mechanical Engineering, gaining insights into the intricate workings of machinery and mechanical systems.

Computer Science: Navigating the digital landscape, Nidal delved into Computer Science, mastering the art of programming and leveraging technology for strategic advantage.

Biomedical Engineering: Committed to advancements in healthcare technology, Nidal’s foray into Biomedical Engineering reflects a dedication to improving lives through innovative solutions.

Automation Engineering & Robotics: With a passion for automation and robotics, Nidal brings a forward-thinking approach to investment, staying ahead of technological trends that shape industries.

Defense & Aerospace Electronics: Armed with a deep understanding of defense and aerospace electronics, Nidal navigates the complexities of these high-stakes sectors with precision and strategic insight.

Marketing Executive: Beyond technical prowess, Nidal has proven expertise as a Marketing Executive, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

Entrepreneur & Business Owner: Drawing on his entrepreneurial spirit, Nidal has successfully founded and led various ventures, showcasing a commitment to driving business success.

Corporate CEO: As a seasoned Corporate CEO, Nidal understands the intricacies of leadership and strategic decision-making at the highest levels of corporate governance.


At K17 Capital, we merge this comprehensive background with a forward-thinking vision for investment. Our approach is rooted in understanding the dynamics of various industries, embracing emerging technologies, and strategically positioning ourselves for long-term success.


Nidal’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical business practices is the cornerstone of K17 Capital. We are dedicated to delivering value to our stakeholders and making impactful contributions to the industries we engage with.

Join us on this exciting journey at the intersection of experience, innovation, and investment.

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